Stock Haines Boats

We believe a Haines vessel is an investment. Because we don’t saturate the market with our boats, our resale value remains high. Haines boats hold their money better, and whether you buy new or stock, you won’t compete with hundreds of other boats that are just the same.

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Norfolk Yacht Agency

Based in two locations: Brundall & Horning in Norfolk. NYA has been selling Haines craft for years.

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Val Wyatt Marine

Based in Berkshire, Val Wyatt Marine has been selling Haines craft for years.

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Smelne Yachtcenter

Based in the Netherlands, family-run Smelne is responsible for the sales and distribution of Haines craft in Benelux and Germany.

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It’s not just their attention to detail and commitment to perfection, it’s the pride and quality I can feel, every second I spend behind the wheel, every time I take her out on the water. Haines has built more than just the boat of my dreams, they’ve created a vessel for my adventures.

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