Relationships built on trust. Boats built to last.

We’re a traditional company that does things our own way. And we do them for a reason. We know what our customers value, and we value more than just the bottom line. We create an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. And there are endless possibilities to create the bespoke boat you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you with everything, from the type of timber, choice of fabric, to the cabin layout and even engine specification. With Haines, you can create the ultimate offshore or inland experience.


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Justin Haines – Head of Design

As individual as you.

We recognise boats are as individual as the customer. The unique experience of owning a Haines craft is the long-lasting relationship we build with you alongside building your boat. We welcome you to our factory to see the quality of the work and to follow its progress throughout construction.


Handcrafted, not high-volume

We carefully select all of our components for their quality, durability and reliability and not on price. Our craft stand the test of time because they’re handcrafted, rather than built on a production-line. We don’t produce high-volume but concentrate on each individual build without cutting costs or corners. The detail is in what you see and what’s hidden away – we put quality behind the scenes. A Haines is built to last.


Comprehensive specifications

We sit with you to discuss what you want and to create a wish list of your ideal design. But we also provide expert advice and suggestions for improvement. This part of the process helps us to tailor your boat to you and your lifestyle, but also to your budget. We won’t upsell you things you don’t need. Our comprehensive specifications are hand- drawn on site and form the manual for your build.

Build time

Build time

We actively encourage you to be part of the build and take you on the journey with us, sending you photographs, inviting you to the yard, and building the excitement of boat ownership long before launch day.

Handcrafted, not assembled.

Our boats are not assembled. For us, it’s important the customer doesn’t have any warranty issues. We carefully select all of our components for their quality, durability and reliability and not on price. We use only reliable and well established suppliers, with excellent support networks, supplying only the best products.

Truly bespoke

Truly bespoke

The joy of building a boat from scratch includes making those all-important choices that make your Haines entirely unique. We have a vast range of options open to you. You can choose the type of timber, upholstery and carpet. You can select the colour of the hull, change the layout, or incorporate smart storage areas. If you have a favourite scotch or gin, we can even create customised cutouts in the cocktail cabinet. Everything is personal to you.

Handover day

Handover day

When your boat is ready, we spend a day with you to take you through the systems, explain our comprehensive owner’s manual, and you won’t leave until we’re confident you’re happy. And our dealers do the same. Our customers tell us it’s one of the happiest days of their lives. Your first new boat is often your forever boat, and you’ve chosen a Haines. We love to celebrate that fact and to thank you for choosing us. So expect flowers and champagne.

So proud, we'll put our name on it

So proud, we'll put our name on it

It takes a team to build a boat, and your Haines will bear the names of the people that made it. Every boatbuilder, joiner, electrician and marine engineer – their names become part of your boat’s history and heritage.

From the moment we stepped onto the boatyard, we were welcomed like family. We ran our hands along the timber and saw she was being built with so much pride by a team with so much passion. We know everyone by name. Our Haines has a pedigree heritage, and we can’t wait to see her again on launch day.

Traditional craftsmanship. Crafts as unique as you.

Your Haines boat combines modern production methods with traditional craftsmanship. Our long-serving, dedicated team are masters of their craft. Everyone here at the yard is passionate about their work. From our joinery department, which design and hand make every piece of furniture on-site, entirely bespoke to your specifications, the Avonite composite worktops manufactured in-house, to the final varnishing carried out in our dedicated workshops. The building of your Haines boat combines modern production methods with traditional craftsmanship, delivered by a long-serving dedicated and passionate team.

We invite you to come and see the process first-hand.

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