The experience

The experience

Choosing Your Interior

With the large selection of interior finishes and fitments, every boat is different, created by you around your particular preferences. We can help with advice and ideas from our long experience. Together we can create an environment in which you will feel comfortable and relaxed, so that you can enjoy your new purchase to the full.

Seeing Progress

Throughout the build process you are welcome to see your craft take shape at various stages. If you are not able to visit regularly, we can keep you up to date with regular progress reports and photographs. Customers are also welcome to have photos of their boat throughout the build, upon completion of the craft.


The hand crafted nature of our boats is often not fully appreciated. The solid hardwood timber sections, every piece of furniture and bulkhead assemblies are individually created by our craftsmen and engineers. They work to consistent high standards and level of detail, to ensure that every boat leaving the Catfield factory meets your understandable high level of expectation.