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Building your craft

The building of your Haines boat combines modern production methods with traditional craftsmanship, delivered by a long-serving dedicated and passionate team.

The real craftsmanship and thought that goes into every design is recognised by visitors to the Haines factory. The obvious attention to detail and, at times, almost over-engineering of the craft, help to establish the confidence that any boat owner wants in his new investment.

Prospective boat owners are always welcome to come and see progress and discuss their preferences for fixtures and fittings.

Our production facility accommodates 6 lines of boatbuilding production, served by a number of specialist departments:

  • The joinery department supplies all the hand-crafted furniture, each piece bespoke made for individual boats.
  • The Avonite composite worktops are also manufactured in-house, along with production of all GRP components.
  • Varnishing and finishing are carried out in dedicated workshops on site.